The Lineage Group has been built on a foundation of providing effective financial strategies with the best customer service. You deserve to work with advisors that you trust and respect, and we strive every day to do what is necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Holistic Strategies

We believe that finding an advisor you can trust to provide honest advice is how you get the best results. Once we make sure that our expertise fits with your needs we work through our process together to build a multi-faceted plan that encompasses all of your personal needs and financial goals. Making sure that your assets are aligned with a common strategy is how we build a plan that is in sync and ready for whatever the future might bring.

Client Individuality

There is no such thing as a one size fits all financial plan. Every individual, family or business has its own set of unique circumstances that requires its own unique financial strategy. We believe that our experience in creating successful plans for a variety of different client types and industries has given us a broad perspective that is a benefit for all of our clients.

Personal Attention

We are committed to our client’s happiness and always prioritize their questions and concerns by responding as quickly as possible. All of your meetings are with the advisor that is accountable for implementing and monitoring your plan.

Maintain Perspective

We are goal oriented financial advisors that set realistic objectives and build a plan to achieve them. We do not believe in market timing or heavy trading, but rather creating a diversified portfolio that will grow over time. Tracking the market every day is our job, not yours. We have seen economic cycles come and go, and we know that focusing on the horizon — and not reacting to the waves directly in front of us — is the best course of action to navigate toward your goals.