Client Profiles

Finding the right financial advisor is a difficult decision that you only want to make once. We have included a few examples of how we would help different types of clients achieve financial freedom. This list is not all-inclusive, but gives you a window into how we might be able to address your unique situation. If you want to learn more, please contact us to schedule an introductory meeting so we can start to design a unique financial plan for you.

Young Professional

When you are financially successful early in your life it can serve as a foundation for your future. The hard work put in by young professionals today grants them the opportunity for it to potentially pay off down the line.



Families are pulled in hundreds of different directions on a daily basis, and it is difficult for them to take the time to set up (and execute) a smart financial plan. The Lineage Group works with families to put a plan in place so they can rest easier knowing that their financial future is on the right track.


High Net Worth

We know the perseverance that it takes to make a financially successful life and we have developed strategies that aim to preserve that success for the future. This is how The Lineage Group might work with a high net worth client to plan their financial future without compromising their lifestyle.



The Lineage Group helps many hard working people design and execute investment plans for their retirement so they can truly enjoy their golden years. This is how we might work with a retired couple to give them comfort and confidence as they started the next phase of their life together.


Small Business Owner

Survival is usually the primary concern of most small businesses. So, what happens when you pass that initial phase and growth is not only a goal but a necessity? This is how The Lineage Group can help a small business position itself for continued success.